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Building chemicals

Permashield SBR Latex

Permashield SBR latex will bond cement screeds, rendering and plaster to most sound surfaces such as concrete, stone and brick, and new concrete to old without the need for hacking the surface to form a key. It is specifically designed to upgrade the waterproofing and bonding properties of Portland cement based mortars, repairs and screeds. Increased tensile and flexural strengths allow high-strength thin applications down to 6mm thick to be laid. Screeds and renders can be waterproofed, and resistance to abrasion, frost, water vapour transmission and certain chemicals greatly improved. SBR latex admix is resistant to hydrolysis and is therefore suitable for external applications.

Permashield Mortar Admix

Permashield Mortar Admix gives mortar mixes a workable consistency preventing shrinkage, crazing and cracking during the setting process. It can be used in brick-laying and plastering mortars. Mortar admix also has an element of frost resistance and good resistance to seasonal freeze-thaw cycles when set.

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Permashield Contractor’s PVA

Permashield Contractor’s PVA is a multi-purpose primer, sealer, cement & plaster admixture which adheres well to almost all common building materials. It is ideal for priming and sealing on flaking surfaces and as an adhesive for wood.

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Permashield PVA Bond

Permashield PVA Bond is a cement and plaster admixture and can be used to prime unsound/flaking surfaces before plastering or painting. It will adhere to most DIY and building materials and to wood, cork or textiles.

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Cleaning chemicals

Permashield Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash

Permashield Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash is applied to the substrate to ensure that it is sound, clean and free from organic growth, enabling the coating to adhere to the surface and consequently giving maximum protection through its design life. Unlike many conventional systems, it remains active after its initial applied coating.

Permashield Heavy Duty Fast Acting Paint Stripper

Permashield Heavy Duty Fast Acting Paint Stripper is a slow working extended contact remover that remains active for 24 hours. One application of heavy duty paint stripper dissolves heavy accumulations of paint, restoring old masonry to its original appearance. Heavy duty paint stripper can be applied by a stiff brush and removed by hot or cold water pressure when the surface begins to soften, swell or blister.HDFA Paint Stripper contains no methanol, methylene chloride or chlorinated solvents, and is water rinsable and non-flammable

Permashield Brick & Sandstone Cleaner

Permashield Brick & Sandstone Cleaner will remove heavy accumulation of dirt, hydrocarbon soils, algae and rust stains from brick, terracotta, granite, sandstone or masonry surfaces. It restores the surface being cleaned to its natural beauty. Brick cleaner is completely biodegradable and if washed into the soil will break down rapidly.

Permashield Cement & Mortar Remover

Permashield Cement & Mortar Remover will remove cement and mortar stains from brick and sandstone, and can also be used to clean concrete structures and concrete mixing machines. It will also aid the removal of efflorescence on sandstone and brickwork. It can be used on new brick or sandstone structures for cleaning mortar stain.

Permashield Heavy Duty Degreasant

Permashield Heavy Duty Degreasant is a special formulation for the breaking down and removal of black carbon dirt, oils and grease from masonry surface. It will also attack paint films and can be used for the preparation of masonry so that acid based cleaners can work more efficiently and give even better cleaning results. When used on masonry, the original colour of the masonry is retained. The product can also be used as a slow acting paint stripper.

Permashield Efflorescence Remover

Permashield Efflorescence Remover is formulated to remove white encrustation or efflorescence, which appears on masonry surfaces, especially sandstone, brick and concrete structures. It is also effective for removal of cement and mortar marks on terracotta and brickwork where they are particularly heavy.

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